Membership Eligibility

Membership Elegibility at Kahal Kadosh Beit Sar Shalom Synagogue

The following shall be eligible for membership of The Kahal Kadosh Beit Sar Shalom, Synagogue:

  1. Jewish people (either by birth or conversion – gerim) of good moral character, who have made a confession of faith in Messiah Yeshua in accordance with the complete Jewish Scriptures;
  2. Those who recognise G-d’s historic and ancient calling both to our people and to the nations, and who identify with the vision of  The Kahal Kadosh Beit Sar Shalom;
  3. Those who recognise and accept the designated leadership as established by G-d for the building up of, and service to, this Synagogue;
  4. Those who will promote the peace, unity and community of  The Kahal Kadosh Beit Sar Shalom both in word and deed.
  5. Those who support and endorse this congregation’s affiliation to the The Kahal Kadosh Beit Sar Shalom  as the regulatory body for Orthodox Netzarim Jewish movement in the France,Europa and internationally.
  6. Those who have succesfully completed the Gateway Course for conversion/ membership, and have undergone Brit Milah and immersion (if required).

Note: We respect and love to all those who, with sincere love, seek and follow Yeshua the Messiah, to the Jewish people and the State of Israel; but we do not consider us to be Christians or evangelicals or Christians dress like Jews. 

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